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Two bunches of grapes in a box, then it was enough just to say “I did the Harvest”.

It was October 1977 when at the age of 4 I ran between the rows of a vineyard that produced excellent grapes thanks to a calcareous land influenced by sea breezes.

The harvest is then always remembered as a party during each harvest day, culminating in a snack all together to sanction the end of the effort and the end of work, as well as the end of a season.

At the time there was the grandfather who, through his experience, dictated the timing of the right harvest after understanding the maturation of the bunch of grapes.

degustazione di vini azienda roccabianca
wine and bike tour tra castelsardo e sorso
degustazione di vini azienda roccabianca
degustazione di vini al tramonto azienda roccabianca
degustazione di vini azienda roccabianca


Today Roccabianca remains a small company actually located in Northern Sardinia to 400 meters beachfront with the same good characteristics than once, thanks to this area that has traditionally shown herself generous in the production of grapes.

Production is almost entirely devoted to Vermentino wine DOC, and just over two hectares of vineyards give a good yield without excessive production in order to maintain quality of the grape harvest.

Vermentino is a light-skinned white wine grape variety, primarily based in different Italian Region but plantes in Sardinia with a good success.

Our Wines

Wine has always been the soul of these lands.

At the moment we have three lines: Joanna, a pure Vermentino DOC but with strong characteristics, with its freshness it will win you over at the first sip; Tiarò, a fruitier and more intense Vermentino obtained from selected grapes, a wine waiting to be discovered; Linas, a Cannonau with structure and body but without exaggerating, to be tasted to the full.

Simple wines, but with great characteristics that only this land and this area can provide. Wines that taste of the sea and the wind, but above all of the desire to believe in it and the passion we put into everything we do.

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degustazione vini Dora azienda roccabianca
degustazione vini Joanna azienda roccabianca
degustazione vini Linas azienda roccabianca

An holiday with taste

Inside the firm we offer houses available for holidays use.

Hour Houses are simple and basic, but ideas to spend a quiet rest, housed are also very well placed for excursions to the most renowned centers of Sardinia. A different holiday in the middle, a holiday in the countryside nature with plenty of space to live green and take a walk around the vineyard.

Our Houses are oriented seafront in order to have dinner looking to the sunshine. You can do a tour to the best place near our location, go around the Sardinia Island and then have relax coming back and living near the vineyard.