North Sardinia

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North Sardinia

As it is positioned Roccabianca, things to do in the northern part of Sardinia are truly many as embracing the central part of the Gulf of Asinara is possible to visit both the East that the West Coast.

Below we give any suggestions on some places to visit, but if you spend the night with us you will receive your guide on the best routes 20 North Sardinia and the guide to 105 of the North Coast beaches.

Visit Castelsardo

Distance from Roccabianca: 8 Km

Castelsardo, is located a few kilometers from Roccabianca overlooking the Asinara Gulf , in the historical region of Anglona in northern Sardinia, in a succession of small coves with rocky shores trachytic, with the exception of the beach of Lu Bagnu. With this position, the location, enjoys a unique and pleasant of all the coasts of the Gulf, including those of Corsica.

It’s a must the visit to the medieval village (known as Castel Genovese) that, even today, after 900 years, still retains its old charm. The cape is home to the ancient castle of the Doria, the mighty walls and the Aragonese bell tower of the beautiful Cathedral of St. Anthony Abbot, help make this a unique and magical. The city also offers a fully equipped marina managed efficiently, with berths for 800 boats.For lovers of all that the coast has to offer, Castelsardo really is the perfect place. There is a multitude of sandy beaches (Marina, Lu Bagnu Vignaccia, Bay Ostina) and cliffs (Pedraladda, Manganella and the Punta craba). During the summer season, Castelsardo plays interesting cultural events and shows.

Castelsardo is the ideal place to enjoy unforgettable views and seascapes on foot, horseback or bicycle. The area is rich in forests, fragrant Mediterranean maquis, overhanging cliffs and breathtaking views. The beauty of sunsets Castelsardo leaves an indelible mark on all who try this experience.
Not least, the food, tradition and excellence that unite in restaurants hidden in the country … the best course to those we suggest.

Visit Alghero

Distance from Roccabianca: 50 Km

Alghero is a a small town with a strong Catalan influence, it has long been subject to Spanish colonization that has left its mark on architecture, urban traditions in cuisine, with its famous lobster Catalan, and especially in the local language, and even today very strong sense of belonging to the culture of the motherland of Alghero. Alghero as a multitude of colors and landscapes, sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the year, stories and legends of ancient civilizations. When you walk to Alghero, on its old walls, cobbled streets among its features is felt that special charm that only you know the city by the sea A sea is always present in the landscape and always at hand, next to a marina where large yachts alternating colors of features for the local fishing boats.

Perhaps the most comprehensive tourist town of North Sardinia, colors, weather, shopping, nightlife, sea, sun, all this curiosity is Alghero. From sea to go for a drink after a romantic dinner or along the city walls. Always beautiful and fascinating.

Visita to the Asinara Islands

Distance from Porto Torres: 20 minuti with boat

Asinara , is an island with an area of 52 km2, uninhabited buildings still famous for hosting the famous prison. Administratively it is part of the town of Porto Torres. Geographically it is situated in front of Stintino in the north of Cape Falcon. Morphologically it is mountainous, with high and rugged coastline, including beaches you inframezzano, bays and coves are still intact including falls and drops Andrew Arena. The vegetation is poor even for the lack of water courses.

The ways to visit the Asinara are many, you can book ferries departing from Porto Torres mere conduit or book excursions and organized tours with lunch on board. Recently, some groups are being organized for nature outings with 4 × 4 cars or other means. Stoves to visit with a visit to the prison (in the excursion short) and Cala Reale and visit the archaeological museum, the royal residence or at Cala d’Oliva and visit the ancient village of fishermen and the old jail.

Visit to Stintino beach

Distance from Roccabianca: 55 Km

“La Pelosa” beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beach with in Sardinia. Its turquoise color and transparency, and the finest white sand make it look like a tropical beach rather than Mediterranean. Besides absence of tropical fish, vegetation remember that you are in Sardinia: the underbrush, Mediterranean and the limits even on the beach. Only problem, as always, are people, too much during week.end to enjoy the sea of Hairy.

Stintino beach Located in the Gulf dell, at the north-east of Cape Falcon, is protected from the open sea by a natural barrier formed by stacks of Capo Falcone, by Piana and dall’Asinara. The water for this reason it is always calm even when the mistral, frequent in these areas, can be heard. Opposite the beach is the island with the characteristic tower aragonese Pelosa built in 1578 to defend the coast, which gives its name to the beach. The island is within walking distance of the beach following a natural ford. Little is known beyond the island Piana used in the past as pasture for livestock, which given the proximity to the coast of the island, was taken to swimming trainandolo with barges. The island is still privately owned. In the same direction over the island Piana is the silhouette of the majestic rocks Asinara. Many tourist gies for the island leave from Asinara Stintino.

Visit to San’Antine Nuraghe

Distance from Roccabianca: 60 Km

San’Antine is located about 50 Km from Sassari Nuraghe Asntu of doors. Nuraghe Santu doors, also called Sa Re domode of (in Italian “House of the King”) is one of the most majestic nuraghi in Sardinia. It is located in the municipality of Torralba, in the plain of Cabu Abbas where there are over 30 nuraghi, among them also the Nuraghe Oes.

The entire complex of Santu doors is an important example of prehistoric Mediterranean architecture and it is assumed that the original height of the central bastion reached a size between 22 and 24 meters, the highest for that period after the Egyptian pyramids.This large building in 1500 BC polilobato is a dolmen, with central tower, and three towers embedded in the ramparts, built at a later time (about three centuries after the keep). The interior has many links between the towers, by means of corridors along the walls and battlements on the upper floors. The keep has four niches on the ground floor. The upper floors are accessed by two staircases situated in the courtyard, the outer sides of the tower, where there is also a 20 m deep shaft. The keep was originally about 22 m high., And today reaches 17 m. Outside of the dolmen are the remains of villages inhabited by various epochs: Nuragic, Carthaginian, and Roman.


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